Thought of the day

I think I have finally realized today why I don’t like “corporate” and “enterprise” programmers and the technologies that they enjoy, like Java and XML. Many of them don’t take languages like Perl, Python, and PHP seriosly. Text files in general and the word “script” in particular make smile. I think, many of them are just hiding behind the complex technology.

Programming skills should grow from small and simple to large and complex. Most people have a kind feeling of nostalgy towards things they have learned in the beginning of their way. Sciprts and one-liners do provide small and simple things which programmers should start with. People who jump straight into Java classes will never be able to produce nice code. And those who had started with one-liners will stick to them until there is a strong reason to do otherwise, since it is natural for people to use the most common way, the way they know better.

So, finally I understood that it is not the laughing at my favourite tools that makes me disrespect “enterprise” developers, but it is their lack of base knowledge and unprofessionalism. Maybe now I’ll find peace with them…

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