Head of State

Feeling a need for a comedy, I watched “Head of State“. It is a very good film, which you wouldn’t want to watch a second time. As far as I can guess, it is culmination-like thing of Chris Rock‘s stand-by comedy shows.

The film goes through a very unlikely story of some good guy being picked up from the street and ran for president of the USA by a democratic party. But it is not the story which matters here. It’s all the little phrases that are spoken. In fact, this film is so full of excellent quotes that I felt a need to write them down once in a while.

If you want to see a sitcom or stand-up comedy show, but there is none on TV, then watch this film. It’s pretty much the same. Timings are good and music is, though not my favourite, fits nicely. I’ll give it an overall of 6 (floored from 6.5) out of 10.

P.S.: If you want to know more about Chris Rock, then there is a nice biography here.

P.P.S.: Every time he called “Security!” was hilarious. :)

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