The biggest shock and stress that I’ve experienced during my trip was on my first day, in Moscow. Yes, that’s right – rats.

I’ve read a few times that there is a problem with rats and mice in both Moscow and St.Petersburg, but those weren’t large stories in important papers, so I didn’t pay much attention. Imagine my shock when I saw rats running on the streets.

My mother and I went for a little walk around the block in the evening. As we were walking along the main road I noticed some movement in the grass near the pavement. Next thing I know – a huge rat walks out of the grass and crosses the road. Then I saw another one. Then another one. Then another.

At a few moments I could see as much as five rats simultaneously. They are not afraid of humans. They don’t run or rush. They just walk around. Humans seem to pay no attention too.

I am afraid of rats. They can jump high and walk the walls. They bite. They can be very organized. They carry a lot of dangerous deseases. When they are all around me, I, to say the least, don’t feel very comfortable.

Nothing shocked or stressed me as much as those beasts. But almost when I calmed myself, I was told that rats can be seen in the center of Moscow too. And in the bright daylight.

For that, here is my official statement: I am not going back to Moscow until they fix this problem. Thanks, but no thanks.

2 thoughts on “Rats”

  1. That means that you will never see StBasyl domes again…

    As far as I remember, rats strolled over Moscow streets and underground from the time of my childhood (some of them were cute, though). And they stll do. Which means that THIS is not a problem for those who fix problems in Moscow (Russia).

    So, my dear friend, say bye to that “ratisied” soil and visit London instead.

  2. Lana,

    I’ve been to Moscow more than ten times during my life. Not once I’ve even heard about rats, let along see packs of them living on the streets.

    Oh, and by the way, rats aren’t the only reason that I’m not planning to go back. ;)

    London? Sounds sweet. I’ll definetely go!

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