Matt Damon vs Ben Affleck

Olga and I were talking after watching “Jersey Girl” and a funny thought crossed my mind. It is a well known fact that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are best friends and that they have been participating in the same movies for some time now. The difference though, at least in my memory, is that Ben usually appears with some hot chicks, like say Jenifer Lopez, and Matt is more frequently seen with guys. I maybe very wrong on this of course, but it’s just my perception. Another perception of mine is that Matt is usually appearing in films where Ben plays the main role – not vice versa. So I am thinking like why doesn’t Matt leave the poor guy alone? Why does he have to always show up at his shootings?

And then I remember someone quoting Matt along the lines “Ben is not gay. He is just doing a lousy job of being straight.” So, the funny thought that crossed my mind was that it was actually Matt who was gay and he just feels the need to stick around Ben. :)

Not that I care though. I really enjoy acting from them both and especially when they play together. And on the subject of “to gay or not to gay”, there is a perfectly clear anwser at Google Answers. You are free to think whatever you head is up to though, of course. :)

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