15 Minutes

They’ve been showing “15 Minutes” on TV. I tuned in a bit later than they started, but it is one of those cop movies where you don’t actually have to see the beginning to get the story. Actually, it’ is one of those cop movies that you can skip watching. You’ll not lose anything. It was so typical, you could predict almost every phrase spoken. Even a typical detective with the face of Robert De Niro, always smoking cigars, was there.

Everything was pretty boring and standard except for a short scene where De Niro fights two guys while being ducktaped to a chair. Pretty exciting 40 seconds. Don’t worry, he gets killed with a knife immidiately afterwards. But there is no surprising turn in the story – the investigation of the crime was already finished and bad guys known to police. They were also standardly stupid and were hanging around those places where they were the most easier to get caught. So they got caught, but then they tried to escape, so the good guy shot them all. Otherwise they had a laywer with a million bucks who could actually save their butts. Not to happen in US. Happy end.

A typical 4 out of 10.

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