Jersey Girl

After celebrating SysAdmin’s Day with Olga in “Cleopatra” restaurant, we decided to go see a movie. Nothing hot is going on in the cinema recently so we settled for “Jersey Girl” which was poorly advertised, had an average rating, and Ben Affleck in it.

The film turned out to be much better than I expected. It has a rather usual story line with widow guy – a succeding businessman, who has suddenly found himself in a situation where he has to raise a child. The story is not the strong part of the film. All the acting is. First of all, the 10 year old (7 year old in film) Raquel Castro is really amazing. She is by far the most talented child I have seen in the movie. She’s even better than the Sixth Sense boy. Much better. And she is very natural. And she even looks like her movie-mother Jennifer Lopez. They are like a perfect match.

Oh, and yes, there are more stars that just Ben Affleck. There is a short scene with Matt Damon and Will Smith is talked about the whole film. He even shows up breifly in the end.

Overall it is a really nice film (nice as in 7 out of 10) with a bit mild swearing (a$$, sh!t, and stuff… no “f” word).

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