Beer at Molly Malone’s with Hazard

Although I have already mentioned Molly Malone’s Bar and Restaurant, I haven’t done it as often as I visit it. Actually, I believe it just finished it’s way into my Top 3 places to go to for a beer. If you get in before 11:00pm and while being hungry, ask for Steak a’la King. You won’t regret.

Anyway, today Hazard and I went for a couple of beers and while we enjoying ourselves, something happened that deserves to go into annals of history. Hazard finished his pint way ahead of me. I was telling him a long story of “Cryptonomicon” which I almost finished reading by now, and he used it for his advantage. It’s not that we had any competitions or anything, but that I am usually closer to the end of the second pint when does his. Today was an exception and now it is officially written down and dumped on the web for the all eternal life. :)

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