The War

Today is a very strange day. Usually, there is nothing to watch on Friday evening. Today there were a number of movies. And not only those were just any movies – there were some good ones.

The War” is the first one I saw today. Kevin Costner plays a father of Elijah Wood, who is more popular as Frodo Baggins in the Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy. The good part is that you actually get to appreciate Elijah before he became Frodo. The movie is 10 years and he is noticably younger then he is now. That helps. Because he is a kind of not bad actor. Actually, he was acting the most one can do of the not so well done screenplay.

The film altogether is rather dramatic but not without a happy end. 6.5 out of 10. Rather enjoyable view for a time when a sad movie is needed. :)

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