Carlito’s Way

Al Pacino is always pleasent to watch. This guy surely knows how to act. When he does the solo of the main character it is even more enjoyable. Today they were showing “Carlito’s Way” on TV, where Al Pacino is exactly in the middle shiny main central role. :)

On one hand, it is a regular crime flick with Italian mafia, women, money, guns, and every other thing you get to expect from this sort of movie. On the other – excellent actor’s performance makes it so different from the bunch of others, and so enjoyable. It also seems like a middle-life work of Al Pacino. He is partially young and restless like in his previous movies, but he is already experienced and touchy like in his following films. It feels somehow modern, but it has this end of 70s, beginning of 80s look to it, although the film was done in 1993.

Watch it if you want something with a classic Italian mafia flavour and Al Pacino on top. 6.5 out of 10.

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