Starsky & Hutch

We just came back from the cinema after watching “Starsky & Hutch“. I guess this is a refreshed version of the original 1975 “Starsky and Hutch“, but I am not sure because I haven’t see that one.

The year 2004 version sucks. Vladimir is very lucky that he couldn’t make it to the movie. :) This film is so lame that I cannot even remember the last time I’ve something that bad. Very bad.

Advertised as a comedy, action, and crime; being directed by Todd Phillips (the guy behind “Road Trip” and “Old School”), with Owen Wilson in it – I expected it be somewhat funny and entertaining. I didn’t go to see a megahit, but at least something. Pity.

There were few jokes, but most of them were old and overused. There were 70s, but more like a look through the prism of 2000. There were good guys and bad guys, guns and shots, but there was no action. There was an excellent car, but there was no driving. There were beautiful ladies, but there was no sex. Not even boobies.

Overall it was a very boring slow going bit with nothing in it to see except for the trailer maybe. Owen Wilson – was the only reason I didn’t put this movie on the absolute bottom of my film rating list. He was not enough for the 4 pounds though.

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