Day in brief – 2011-06-17

  • Google Chrome Linux shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+J and Ctrl+Shift+Delete are what I was looking for. #
  • I increasingly want an #HTML5 theme for my #WordPress blog. I increasingly want to sit down and do it myself. #
  • @CaliforniaVol Not yet. Will have a look. Thanks for the tip. #
  • @CaliforniaVol Good effort that will work for many new blogs. I have a decade of history. Too intrusive for my tastes (rewrites, etc). #
  • New note : Contractor Matches – oDesk #
  • New note : 25 оригинальных веб-сайтов о пиве и пивоварении #
  • New note : 101 Apps for Your Web App Startup Toolbox #
  • Trying out TweetDeck for Google Chrome. Again. It looks good, but takes some getting used to on my part. #
  • Visual History – Chrome Web Store #
  • Shared: Alex King: Use $content_width to Set Width of oEmbeds in WordPress #
  • @gcmougias no point in running in VM. If it lacks something, you have a host OS to compensate. All fun comes from overcoming difficulties. #

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