Beer corners update

Today is Friday, so I decided to meet with few old friends for a pint or two. First place to check was Rio Bravo (about 200 meters down from the K-Cineplex, Limassol). I’ve been here few times before and didn’t particularly like the place. This time it was much better. They started to make their own chips instead of serving some ugly 30 cent stuff. The music wasn’t shouting until late into the evening. It was also a birthday party of the bar (4 – 6 June), so they had an offer of all the drinks for only 1 CYP under the condition that you will go and get them by yourself. That didn’t work for us though, but, somehow, we managed to get few free pints, baseball caps, and some other useless items.

Around midnight we went to check another place – Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. It’s a nice place 100 meters to the left of Chesters Bar. It’s huge, but quiete. We liked it there mostly. I’ve also heard that there is nice food also, but it was too late to order anything, and the kitchen was closed anyway. We’ll be back. :)

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