Breaking the rules

For today’s trip to the mountains I had planned a lot of physical activites and some healthy food.

There is a trout farm and a fish tavern near Platres. And right from that tavern starts a trail to the waterfalls. It goes up through stones and roots of trees, with crossings of a water stream. I thought that I’d be going up with Maxim (read: 11+ kilograms) on my shoulders. I thought that I’d eat some barbequed trout afterwords and drink some water or juice.

Instead, we went for a walk at a totally different waterfalls. I carrid Maxim down for about 10 minutes. And someone else stole him from me on the way up. When we came to the tavern, I had a juicy and delicious pork chop. And some bread (because of all the dips). And a pint of beer.

As if that wasn’t enough, when we came back down to Limassol (about two hours after the meal), I layed for a second on the bed and fell asleep for about 4 hours! Now that’s what I call breaking all rules!

In order to calm down my conscience a bit, I went for a two hour walk along the sea in the evening. At least, I’ll sleep tonight. Gym and sauna are planned for tomorrow.

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