First (brief) impressions of Fedora Linux Core 2

I’ve upgraded my office workstation from Fedora Linux Core 1 to Fedora Linux Core 2 today. I had only about an hour to play with it, so no super review here.

The upgrade process was very similar to most of the previous Red Hat Linux versions. No surprise. Fedora Linux Core 2 comes binary packages come on 4 CD-ROM disks, which means one extra swap operation. No worries. It will be unnoticable to anyone doing a network install or upgrade.

The first boot indicated that there might be some problems. My machine boots into runlevel 5 where kdm is supposed to meet incoming users. It didnt’ happen this time. X server was running and I saw an nice sandclock mouse cursor rotating above the black background. Consoles didn’t let me in neither as a regular user, nor as root. I’ve rebooted the machine just in case, but got to the same results. Booting it into single user mode revealed a problem with PAM. After playing around for some time and comparing new config files (the magic $ISA) with the old ones I managed to fix the /etc/passwd authentication as well as clear text LDAP. That was my biggest success. For some strange reason LDAP with TLS doesn’t work. I’ve searched through web and tried most of the suggested solutions, but none helped.

…awaiting ideas from Fedora mailing list.

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