WRC 2004 Cyprus stage pictures

<%image(20040515-openning_ceremony.jpg" alt="Opening ceremony">I’ve just uploaded pictures from WRC 2004 Cyprus stage Shakedown and Openning ceremony.

Shakedown is a kind of a special stage where drivers try to determine the best settings for their cars. They drive through the same stage several times, while making adjustments. This is perfect photo opportunity, since there are several chances to get the same car in different places. They can drive in circles for several hours, so it is much easier to photograph then the Special Stages.

I have been very late to the Openning ceremony, so I’ve missed most cars on the podium and I didn’t have time to prepare for the fireworks shooting. By the time I got there they’ve almost started shooting. I was handholding the camera with the kit lens with 2 second exposures. Some images came out rather OK. :)

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