Runaway Jury

I’ve just seen “Runaway Jury” in the movies. This is a very nice film with a lot of familiar faces, good acting, interesting plot, and a not bad soundtrack.

This is film is one of the million that are based on or related to some huge case in court. This time it has to do with US gun industry and victims of gun shooting. Chances are as usual that gun industry will win, due to an enourmous amount of money they can spend on their lawyers and information acquisition teams. Good guys are usually week. No exceptions here. It’s just that this time there are two independent groups of good guys, one of them being the lawyer (Dustin Hoffman) and the other – some afferists (John Cusack, Rachel Weisz) who wanted to get back to another lawyer (Gene Hackman) for winning another shoot-them-up case in the past. The whole setup earned them also 15 million bucks, so they were double interested.

There are few interesting points raised in this movie about gun control (obviously), law, justice, money, social engineering, etc. Overall, a film is interesting, entertaining, and rather active with an unavoidable happy end, as usual. :)

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