Big scare

Maxim scared the heck out of us today. When he was laying on the bed, naked, about to be bathed, he moved his right hand all the way down and touched his balls. Can you imagine that? I almost fell unconcious. Luckily, we noticed it in time and corrected his posture.

For those of you who doesn’t understand what is so scary about a two and a half month old boy touching his genitals, here is a little hint: the said boy does not yet control his hands very well. If he grabs something, he uses all his strength to hold it. You get it now, don’t you? Add to this his constant will to put whatever his hands grab straight into the mouth. Yeah, that’s how scary it was – potentially hard-squizzed balls rpped off and sholved into the mouth!

We have to be more careful and watch him closer. At least until he would learn how to use his hands…

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