Gramps and GraphViz speak Russian

Today is the very great day in history! :) I’ve managed to convince gramps to correctly export my family tree into GraphViz format. It did preserve all the names in Unicode, so I just had to install a unicode TrueType Arial font and generate a GIF and PNG. Both of them are now available in the “Family tree” section. And I am off to sleep… first time in the last couple of days. :)

Patching Gramps

This whole week was dedicated to my family. No, I mean all my relatives and their families. Currently I know of 260+ people that are related to me in some way. There is still so much information to get. I am missing few large branches, but that is on the way.

I am also falling in love with gramps, which is one excellent piece of software. I’ve went as far as started to patch some code (Python) myself and submitted few Russian translation improvements. I guess at least some of it will show up in the next release.

More on Gramps

I’ve finally put some results of Gramps manipulations for the last few days. Check out my Family Tree (Russian, UTF8).

After a somewhat extensive usage of Gramps, here are few complaints to add to the almost perfect review I did a couple of days ago.

Russian translations are way off in some cases. I have started the correspondence with current maintainer and he already approved a couple of changes. Maybe we’ll be able to improve it a bit. :) Web site output is rather simplistic and omits a whole bunch of data from the database. Luckily, Gramps is very pluggable and customized filters and importers/exporters can be written. I will need to look into it in the next few days.