In search of the sasquatch

I’m listening to the Joe Rogan’s podcast today.  And one of the things that they talk about on the show is sasquatch.  That’s basically a fancy name for  large hairy humanoid creature said to live in wilderness areas of the United States and Canada.  Also known as a bigfoot.

One of the websites mentioned was Olympic Project:

This web site showcases our research in the Olympic Mountain Range in Washington State.  The Olympic Project is a comprehensive, systematic camera trap program consisting of fifty plus cameras placed along predatory travel routes throughout the Olympic Mountains.  Our primary focus is to obtain a series of crystal clear photographs of Sasquatch in their natural environment.

They have a bunch of pictures of footsteps and such, but none of an actual sasquatch so far.  What they do have is an amazing photo gallery with a bunch of animals in their natural habitat.   Check it out.

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