Progress with new blog

OK, as you can see there were few changes around here. I’ve imported most of my Tips and Answers into separate categories of this blog. A bunch of old blog entries have been updated with subjects and pictures. A lot of movie reviews got their poster thumbnails and were moved to an appropriate category.

I’ve also mostly figured out how the layout thingy works, so it shouldn’t take more then a day or two to find something appropriate. There is a whole heap of plugins to try out, but I will leave that for some time in the future. I’ve got the stuff I need, anyway. :)

This new blog is still running in test mode, but today’s progress makes me think that I will release it for general public within a couple of days. My biggest glory is that finally most of the data on my site is in the database, which means I will not have to write any stinky parser no more. The last bit to transfer is the wishlist. :)

Oh, and by the way, I’ve even got the first comment. Hazard as usual is the sneakiest visitor ever! :)

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