El Gusto and bowling with Hazard’s family

Show me your war face!

Visit to El Gusto with Olga, Hazard and his parents. Very nice meal and, generally, a rather long session. Afterwards we proceeded to bowling. Actually, I haven’t bowl for a few month, but still managed to keep the highest score in both games. :) Good for me. Hazard was also doing very well. He was well above his average and even had a strike or two. :)

During the second game I’ve made a bunch of photos, but most of them, unfortunately, went to the recycle bin. Being slightly drunk I was slow to respond to historgram hints. “Use the fill flash” it was telling me. There was a lot of light directed at the lanes, so being in the spectator area my subjects were all backlit. Whatever. Next time I’ll get them. Practice makes perfect, they say. :)

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