Russian Embassy

Half a day in Nicosia trying to get into Russian Embassy. It’s trips like this one that remind me why I don’t want to go back to Russia.

Ugly picture. About 30 people are standing in front of a bullet-proof metal door for more then 4 hours under a direct sun (luckily, it’s neither very hot or cold today, like it could be). A couple of kids, a pregnant woman, and a guy with a broken leg. Few foreigners that don’t speak Russian. Some that don’t even speak English. All together. Trying to organize some kind of queue. Once in a while a metal door opens and a couple of people from the queue are allowed to enter. Some other people are called by names. These are lucky ones. Yucks. Setup like this basically forces people to bark at each other. Hatred all over the place. And there is no hope they will change the procedure any time soon.

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