Today I’ve made yet another attempt to ease the use of my photographic material. This time around it was JAlbum. Alexander Avanesov recommended to try it so I thought ‘What the hell?’ :)

It turned out to be a bit more difficult to install then I would expect from a so much boasted Java platform independance. Finally it turned out that documentation should be read twice or more before the installation procedure is started. Thankfully, we’ve got a somewhat Java guru in the office, so he helped me a bit. :)

The software is free, but the only thing which is open about it is the API. Yup, no sources. Program seems to be very well supported. There is a FAQ list on the site, link to the forums with a bunch of questions and answers, and few resources from the ‘Extras’ category.

Few customizations were done to the BluPlusPlus theme, extensive documentation reading, and few album regenerations. More might be reported later on. :)

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