Rayan’s Bar and Grill House

Visit to Rayan’s Bar and Grill House together with Olga, Lev, and Hazard. It’s been a long time since we tried to get there, but never succedded until today for one or the other reason.

Mushrooms, it seems, is something enjoyed by the chief. Menu has starters like ‘Fried mushrooms’, ‘Garlic mushrooms’, and ‘Rayans mushrooms’. Maybe some other mushrooms that I missed. There was a 50×50 success with main courses (out of four that we’ve ordered). My Mexican steak was tough and dry. Olga’s barbeque ribs were very similar to something Pizza Hut was serving until recently. But there were a lot of those ribs. :) Hazard got a rather enjoyable Rayan’s stake, while Lev went the pork way with the fillet, which was also tender and yummy.

The question of the day is “Would you like jacket potato or French fries with you meal?”, so you’d better be ready with an answer. :)

There are few kinds of draught beer in the menu, but nothing special apart from draught Heineken, which was no more today. Tough luck. :) Selection of tea, coffee and ice cream for dessert. Banana split was rather good and visually much more appealing then Rayan’s ice cream (which looked like an offensive mix of strawberry and chocolate ice cream with lots of chocolate sauce on top).

Overall, a nice place to visit once in a while.

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