Brought Lev to my place to watch the “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” with him and Olga this time. So we did and had some laughs. :)

But before we did so, we had an interesting discussion. It was started by me telling about the Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaners. We started speculating about all the kinds of different models, especially the ones which come back to the charger and dispose collected trash out of them, etc. The need to improve the situation pushed our imagination. We went all the way through the mechanical robots (mostly done by Lev), to organic lequids which will expand to cover all the floor and then get back to one piece (mostly done by me), to bacteria eating trash (mostly done by Lev), to special genetically engineered animals with the fur to collect and clean all trash (mostly done by me). Great fun that was. :) Luckily none of us has any means of bringing any of these plans to life. :)

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