New theme tour

While I’m still working on the theme, I thought I’d give you a brief of overview of changes, except for the obvious visual ones.

  • Google AdSense is gone.  I’ve been planning to do this for a long time but never got down to it.  I don’t want to have any ads on my personal blog anymore.  And, it wasn’t making me that much anyway.
  • RSS feed got fixed.  The problem was caused by one of the plugins which I’m not using for a long time now.  Sorry for the delayed inconvenience.
  • Flickr images moved from top of the page to the side.  It should make page loading a bit faster, but this remains to be seen.  More testing and feedback needed here.
  • Comments are separated from pingbacks and trackbacks.  I have yet to find one of the posts that has both comments and trackbacks (this was a long time ago), but the theme seems to support it.
  • A few old and broken pages are gone now (Archives, Blogroll, Stats, Affiliate stuff, etc).  Instead, blog gained the site map.  It might still go over a few changes though.  The permanent link to it is at the bottom of the page.
  • There is now a list of recent entries on the sidebar.  I remember a few people requesting this.  Maybe I’ll add the comments too one day.
  • There are a few header images now, which depend on your location on the site.

Things that remain to be done are:

  • sort out categories and tags, especially with the upcoming WordPress 2.3 taxonomy in mind
  • select and crop my own header images

2 thoughts on “New theme tour”

  1. Looks much more joyful than previous one :) Also ‘Notify me’ is very useful. But Archive is better to move to the separate page IMHO. It takes a lot of space. Maybe tag cloud would be more appropriate stuff on the main page.

  2. Michael,

    yeah, I’ll have to do something about archive navigation. Chances are though that I’ll wait until WordPress 2.3 comes it. It’ll have its own taxonomy and importers for Ultimate Tag Warrior as well. That should avoid me plenty of work.

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