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If you are not living in your own world, you probably know that for the last few days Greece and some neighboring countries were fighting with heavy fires. In Greece alone more than 50 people died already, with many villages destroyed and endangered. No doubt that this will negatively affect the Greek economy and people.

In times like this, any little help counts. You too can help. Most banks in Cyprus have opened accounts to make donations for the cause as fast and simple as possible. According to this Phileleftheros article, here are the bank account numbers:

Τράπεζα Κύπρου 0127-05-039591
Marfin Laiki 017-08-052078
Ελληνική Τράπεζα 105-10-407509-00
Συνεργατική Κεντρική Τράπεζα 40-02488-7
Τράπεζα Alpha 202-101-003225-4
Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος 525/540732-7
Universal Bank 152-1-9999993-12012
Emporiki Bank 45310005058-03
Arab Bank 1301-402058-540
Eurobank EFG 200100000127
Societe General 32-38070-0081-01-4
Κυπριακή Τράπεζα Αναπτύξεως 300/00001174

With most banks supporting online transfers, your donation is only a few clicks away.

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  1. I am American with a Greek boyfriend. I am very upset about what is happening in Greece. Right now I cannot donate money, but I should be able to soon. I have to questions, 1. So if you donate to these banks they see that it gets to the right people? Can they be trusted? 2. I was thinking since I get food for free here, would it not be a small contribution to find a family in need and send them food, dry goods like wild rice and lentils, or anything that can help supplement their nutrition? I wonder who I can talk to about this?

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