Today I’ve upgraded my workstation (the one in the office) to Red Hat Linux 9. It had 8.0 until now. The process itself was mostly painless until, for some strange reason, /etc/fstab was modified by installation to use partition LABELs instead of device names. I’ve seen it before and it was rather easy to fix.

First impressions are rather positive. Machine is somewhat more responsive at times under load then it used to. Not always though, but still an improvement. A bunch of new mouse cursors look good in X. Fonts are really nice. Cyrillic settings got broken with the upgrade, but were easy to fix.

I’ve also switched from AfterStep to KDE for the time being. KDE is getting better by each time I try it. It is a well done, flexible, properly integrated and self-contained desktop manager. I’d guess tomorrow will be the themes day, though. :)

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