Apart from the regular staff in the office, I managed to find some time to play with the KDE from Red Hat Linux 9. It’s been a while since I devoted some time to introduce myself to the progress of window/desktop managers.

This time I am even more impressed then the last time. Huge progress has been made in terms of stability and usability. Everything looks tightly integrated. Everything just works. Fonts are nice. I am not usually very picky about fonts, but I cannot leave fonts unnoticed this time. Aliasing looks good even on my crapy monitor.

Another impressing thing is the “Other” menu, which contains staff from education KDE package and some ‘other’ programs. A bunch of useful enough programs, which you will never spend the time on looking for, include KStars for stars database with nice interface and lots of data. KTouch – touch-typing training program. Few programs aimed at helping the user to learn the foreign language: flash cards (like their paper grandma’s used in high school), correct word spelling game, Spanish verbs training program and few others. Those, who are not keen on languages, can “play” mathematics. Like a program, which trains you to calculate percentages fast. More, more, and more.

Bravo goes to the KDE team!

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