A man apart

Exprompteous trip to the movies to see “A Man Apart” (with Vin Diesel). The movie was nothing like all his previous ones and I guess was supposed to show good and serious acting. It was as ugly and cheap as five billion other films of this type, but I wouldn’t give Vin an Oscar for the best man role, if you know what I mean.

Overall, the movie was kind of boring. It’s a usual plot along the lines of: successfull cop fights drug mafia, they kill his wife, he gets pissed off and nails down the whole organization. The only thing which can make this kind of movie entertaining is LOTS of action. Loads of it even. But, for some reason, “A Man Apart” didn’t have that much of it. Long pauses, serious looks, etc. Body count is low and blood wasn’t floating as it was supposed to. It’s good to see Vin getting serious about serious roles, though.

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