Quest for baby chair

Maxim has grown up enough to have his own chair. Olga and I had already scouted Jumbo for a selection of chairs, but there was nothing that we wanted to buy immediately, so we left it for laters. Today laters came.

Basically, there are just a few requirements for a good baby chair.

  • Stable. It should be hard to overturn, slide, or otherwise misplace it. Maxim is gaining weight constantly and he is also getting more active. Falling from a meter or so high on the hard floor is the last thing we want for him.
  • Solid. Most of the baby furniture is made of plastic these days. Plastic is easy to break. If it’s not plastic it’s either metal or wood. Metal furniture often has plastic joints which kill the whole purpose of it. Wooden furniture often looks solid, but needs to be tried and tested.
  • Flexible. Baby chair is a piece of furniture that usually occupies a lot of space in all three dimensions. While at it, it should be more than just one position chair. It should either have more than position so that it could be used on both high and low levels, or it should be transforming into a low chair with a table. Or something like that.
  • Cheap. We are not going to save of safety, but I don’t want to pay three digit sum just because baby furniture manufactures think that I should.

So we were all set and ready to go and find that perfect chair.

Before our journey we decided to pass by Pizza Hut to have som lunch. We came in, occupied the table and were waiting for the menu. When the waiter came and saw that we have a kid with us, he asked – “Would like a baby chair?”. Because my mind was already in the chair buying mood, I almost said “Yes, how much is it?”. Luckily I avoided that confusion.

Anyway, so we went to visit a couple of shops, knowing that if nothing else, we’ll get one of baby chairs from Jumbo for 50 CYP. That cahir wasn’t that great (otherwise we would have already bought it), but it was an acceptable solution.

First we went to C.X.C. toys. It is a rather big baby shop, but both Olga and I don’t like it too much. The quality of products is low, the price is high, and the selection of products is just a subset of those in the Jumbo. We went anyway, just to make sure that we were right.

We were right. They offered exactly the same baby chairs that we saw in Jumbo, but the price was about 10-15 CYP higher. And so we left without any chairs.

The second shop was located not far from C.X.C. toys and we almost went in, but they didn’t have a parking place anywhere near. Carring about 10 kilograms of baby weight (with the car seat) across the road in humid 40+C degrees wasn’t out idea of good shopping, so we past.

Next on our way was Hippo kids supermarket. It is also a rather big shop (two floor building). Luckily there was a parking right next to it, so we went in. The selection of furniture was different from any other shop that we’ve seen. When we came to the area with baby chairs, I immediately saw a couple of good ones and knew that we’ll get Maxim’s here.

The chair that both Olga and I liked was made of hard plastic, looked ver solid and was easy to transform into a lowered chair with a huge table. There was also a small table attached directly to the chair. It looked nice and the price was acceptable. We tried to sit Maxim in, locked him, and tried it on him. Everything looked good.

So we bought it. If you are interested, the company that made this beauty is called Jane. The original price was 89 CYP, but because of sales everywhere, we got it for 62 CYP.

Yuppie! From now on it will be easier to feed Maxim and he will also be able to sit with us while we are eating. That sounds like fun.

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