We are pregnant!

5 weeks10 weeksMost of the people who know Olga and me are not even waiting for this anymore, but it happened – we are pregnant! I mean, Olga is, but I am involved to no limits. :)

Actually, we were keeping this secret for some time now. We wanted to be as sure as possible that everything goes the right way. It is 10th week now and we have been checking with the doctor today for the second time. So far everything is going great. Ultrasound pictures from the 5th week and today are attached to the left and right (blue thingy is to point out the baby, done by me).

Now that the news are out, I’ll be regularly posting updates about what is happening.

P.S.: For all the computer geeks that are still trying to figure out what am I talking about here, think “fork”. :)

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