Another trip to Akamas Peninsula

Again to Akamas Peninsula we go! This time we had Lev with us to share on the beauty. Unfortunately, there was only one portion of pork in the restaraunt uphill, so we had to eat mostly chicken – no problem, we’ll call them in advance next time. Then, down to the beach for a swim. This time though, the waves were way bigger then the last time, so we had some problems getting out of the water. Most of us lost control of the situation, but Lev proved to be a real sea wave proffessional, diving in and out of the water like was Poseidon himself! :)

Luckily, with no major injuries we all got out and went back to Limassol, where we, once again, gathered at Hazard’s place to watch “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” in Goblin’s funny translation. This part was translated better then the “Fellowship of the Ring”, but the soundtrack he put sucked big time. Mostly it was Russian pop music, which is really really really ugly and totally out of the theme. Fellowship soundtrack was much better with Rammstein over the orc’s faces, etc. Anyway, we still had a bunch of fun, and that is what counts.

SysAdmin’s Day

Today is the last Friday of July, which means only one thing – it’s a System Administrator Appreciatoin Day again! Yes, this is the day to thank all system, network, database, SAP, Exchange, and whatever-else-you’ve-got administrators for their hard, but invisible work.

Such a day calls for celebration, so we (Lev, Hazard, Olga, and I) end up in the Cleopatra lebanese restaraunt for an excellent meal, and nargile afterwards. Then we picked up Alexander Avanesov and continued in the brewerey, which was still out of beer (but they promised that next Friday it’ll be there!).

After few pints the evening was practically over, but it suddenly continued with new enthusiasm at Hazard’s place with watching the “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood“. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the original copy, but there were two translated ones. One was the “noname” translation and another was done by Goblin. Somehow, Goblin’s translation was much worse then the noname one, so we switched in the middle of the movie. :)

Just Married

Just Married (2003)

Somehow, day-time work is much more difficult after two night shifts in a row. I barely made it home and didn’t think of going anywhere, but Olga and Hazard were persistent enough for me go to the movie and see Just Married. Overall the film was OK, or even good. The part about childhood dreams of weddings was the best though, and was worth the whole movie. Also, the ashtray thrown in the head and the monologue after it were excellent! :)