Best service in Cyprus

Tired and exhausted when leaving office, to complete the feeling I found out a huge nail stuck in the middle of the tire. So, I went to the only garage on my way home which was still open. And what do I find there? THE BEST SERVICE I’VE SEEN IN CYPRUS. The guy practically ran to open the door for me when I was getting out of the car. Natural smile, fast moving around, he offered me a drink (a choice of coffee, tea, water, and orrange juice), then discovered that coffee machine was out of water, so he ran across the street to kiosk to get some water, fixed the machine, gave me a cup of coffee, fixed the tire, checked pressure in for all other wheels, and charged me only 3CYP with a huge smile. That is what I call antistress. The whole tiredyness of the day was gone.

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