Today was the day when Hazard and Olga planned to go to see “Matrix Reloaded” for the second time. We didn’t call Lev, since he would refuse to go for sure. I was kind of against going, but I was in minority. And when majority is Hazard and Olga – I am in absolute minority. :) So, we end up in front of the K-Cineplex at about 21:40 where we discover that “Matrix Reloaded” is shown only at something like 17:15. I will not lie by saying that it didn’t make me happy.

Since we already were in front of the cinema, it would have been terrible to miss the chance and see something else. Fast look on the announce board and we see that everything apart from “Kangaroo Jack” and “Identity” has been seen. Now, that is one dilemma. Kangaroo Jack is ugly and is for stupid kids. Not that I hate kids. I like kids. But movies like Kangaroo Jack are for stupid kids. Though I haven’t seen it myself. But I never was a smart kid myself. :)

“Identity”, on the other hand, had a terrible trailer and it seemed that it was a trivial half horror, and half thriller movie from the trailer. And it also seemed very cheap. Not that I am against cheap completely, but sometimes it is good to see something that has some moral value. :) So, here goes my P800 (yes, I am still glad I bought it) helping us out on the rating, which happens to be 7.0/10.0 (IMDB staff). And we decide to go…

I’ve seen a lot of excellent movies. I even saw few recently. But the feeling of complete satisfaction coming from the movie noone was even eager to see in the first place is kind of shocking and shaking. Excellent movie. Good acting, lots of well-known, seen many times actors. Soundtrack fits the picture almost perfectly. Camera is excellent. But the plot is the best of all. And it somewhat misses the traditional American happy end. :) Overall – stongly recommended. Maybe I will even buy it later. :)

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