Final Destination 2

Off to cinema with Olga for a rather random movie, since all the cinema guides stopped updating at least 1 month ago. Random movie today appeared to be “Final Destination 2. Neither me, nor Olga have seen the first part, but that was not much of a problem. Olga liked the movie. I consider it to be more or less OK. It’s a bit boring with ideas and story telling, but it has some very nice shooting of car accidents. It’s like watching few case studies for a book of safety instructions. :)

The whole idea though on cheating death and extending your life time by doing random stupid staff is kind of lame. The black guy with the idea of totally controlling his life is also lame – that was pointed out in the Matrix about 4 years ago, but I guess he hasn’t seen it. :) On the other hand, the movie creates the atmosphere for thinking about the life time, death, control, cause-effect, and a bunch of other semi-phylosophycal staff, which we happily did sitting in Kanika, eating Sophies ice-cream. :)

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