Three big things…

Three big things happened today.

Firstly, I’ve advanced to the level of abbot on It took me about two month, but today I finally did it. I’ve got 1000 XP points with exactly 100 write-ups. Of course there are other forces involved like some voting and frequent visiting of the site, never the less it looked nice. :)

Secondly, I’ve finally bought that Sony Ericsson P800 that I’ve been dreaming of for the last few month. Most of the day after office I spent RTFMing, since it comes with the book and a lot of staff in the box. :) Purchase of additional memory and Bluetooth headset has been postponed until better [financial] times. :)

Overall, the phone looks and feels as I expected it to be, and even better at certain times. Hand writing recognition is truely excellent. Lots of menus and options to play with. Interface is mostly intuitive and documentation is good. The only thing I couldn’t do properly is configure WAP. GPRS I didn’t try, since my card does not yet allow it, but that I’ll take care of tomorrow. Anyway, I’ll need few days to learn to use the thing. :)

Third big thing that happened today is Hazard publishing the whole bunch of photos from the last few days. I am currently downloading, resizing, rotating, and annotating them, so don’t expect them today. Tomorrow is more likely. Lots of nice pictures indeed. :)

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