MP3s, beer, and coffee making

Kinda shopping day. First of all, I’ve renewed a bit my mp3 collection by adding albums of Deftones (Deftones-2003), Godsmack (Faceless-2003), and Taproot (Welcome-2003). Not that it has anything to do with actual shopping, but anyway. :)

Then, Olga took me on a tour of “Woolworth”, where we got a million things that we’ll never need. Beverages section pushed me to try the new beer we have around here called “5 beer” (the website does not work properly in my Mozilla). This is exactly the same beer which I saw the ads all over the city and even made a picture of one of them. The beer itself has a cheap taste and no smell what-so-ever (or maybe that’s my running nose talking). It’s low on the bubles and has a distintive somewhat sour taste. Carlsberg is still on the top. :)

While browsing the rows of the shop shelves, I’ve decided that I am a grown man now and I need to learn how to make coffee. Following the reason, I’ve got myself a “Traditional Greek Coffee set”, which included a small, long-handle pot, a can of coffee and two small cups for drinking the masterpiece. Now, me cooking anything is a scary thought, but recent Hazard’s mussles inspired an enthusiasmic push. Let’s be real, it’s just a stove top coffee maker, it should be easy. Of course, an automatic espresso machine would be even easier but I’m not at that coffee level just yet.

Actually, making coffee is not all that difficult. Good people from Charalambous, who packed the coffee cooking set were nice enough to provide instructions on how to achieve the satisfaction. It turns out that all one need to do to enjoy the famous taste is two put a full spoon of coffee from the can into the pot, then put 70ml of water (which is exactly one cup of water, and cups are included), then some sugar (I put one spoon), and put the whole thing on fire. :) Now, the focus is on not boiling the whole thing. It should, they say, slowly start to rise, and you need to take it off the fire for few moments and then put it back couple of times. BUT NEVER BOIL IT. That’s what they said. Well, the instructions seemed crystal clear, so I followed straight away. And guess what – it worked! :) The only thing that disturbed me was if there were too many coffe e particles which affected the taste, but I suddenly remembered the advice of Lev’s mother, which I overheard few days ago – pour few drops of water into the cup, so that all these nasty particles get down to the bottom of the cup. So I did, and here I am – enjoying my first cup of coffee ever made! :) I will practice some more on myself and (poor) Olga for the next few days…

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