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Slow day. Got up late, since I had to have some sleep before my today’s NOC night shift. Olga seems to stop fighting the cold and slowly falling sick. I cannot do much – it’ll be one week before she will get back.

Trip to “Malenkaya Rus'” restaraunt for a quick and tasty food to cheer up Olga a bit.

On the way back from restaraunt, we’ve seen a spectacular traffic accident. I was driving on the seaside and stopped on the yellow sign of “Four Seasons” traffic light. Meanwhile, a car going opposite direction to mine did stop and went to pass on yellow. Old granny from the small perpendicular street decided that her yellow sign was good enough to start travelling, so she accelerated. Two cars hit each other and turned a bit to the right keeping each other in a drag, until they closed my way and stopped. Luckily, noone got hurt, but both cars were totally wasted. There was some white steam coming from under the hood of the granny’s car, which perfectly suited the white color of both cars. Shouting, nerves, and all other accident staff started. I made sure that noone got hurt and drove away.

Now, since Hazard decided not to upload all the pictures unless he will assemble his new computer (which is a pathetic excuse), I decided to go mean on him. I called up Lev, who apparently felt asleep yesterday and had to miss all the excellent staff with mussles, and told him everything in details. I described how yummy and juicy were the mussles and that I’ve seen that Hazard had some of them left in the fridge. Lev, of course, lost the interest in whatever was that he was doing and started calling Hazard. So, probably I’ll see the pictures uploaded sometime later today. :)

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