Back to work on Hylafax

Interesting developments at work: suddenly my boss remembered, that there was once an effort to use HylaFax in stead of GFI’s FaxMaker for Exchange. This effort was done when we were migrating MS Exchange 5.5 to MS Exchange 2000 and FaxMaker was stupidly refusing to work. A lot of waters ran since that time and noone remembered where we stopped and what exactly has been done. Currently, we are about to renew our FaxMaker licenses and that is where everything starts. After a quick review and series of simple tests, it turned out that 95% of job has been done. There is a Red Hat Linux 7.1 machine with serial multiport card attached and configured. HylaFax is installed and it even can send faxes. There are two phone lines connected for testing purposes and even Exim has been configured to work as email2fax gateway. The remaining 5% of the job include things like proper coverpages, access rights, incoming fax routing to proper people, and reporting both for users and management. These 5% should be finished until the end of next week, so that several people could try the functionality. So, here I am on my night shift in NOC sending faxes to myself. And they say that shizofrenic people sometimes use email to talk to other personalities within themselves.

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