The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix ReloadedWe went to see “The Matrix Reloaded“. It was a huge disappointment. While there were few very nice scenes (highway chase, fight between Neo and Oracle’s bodyguard, etc), the film is weak on the overall. Fights and chases are mostly too long and pointless. No blood. Soundtrack sucks big time. Plot is strange to say the least. It doesn’t have the “drive” the first Matrix had. Boring and prolonged oftenly. Disappointment. :(

Discussions held with beer at Hazard’s place who came from Italy few minutes before the movie started…

Random bits

First of all, “Matrix Reloaded” starts today in all local cinemas. Since enjoying the movie is a more important factor then time difference between watching it and the release date, probably I am not going to watch it today. I expect all cinemas to get crowded, and that spoils it for me. But I’ll pass by just to make sure my expectations are correct.

Today I’ve had a fastest perl scripting session ever – we’ve got a new termometer for the server room with a bit of an ugly web(!) interface, which we needed to adopt to our Nagios/MRTG environment. Together with a small fix to convert F degrees to C degrees, it took me around 5 and a half minutes to script the whole thing.

Educating myself a bit on the topic of washing machines. Our old machine is almost dead – it takes roughly 50 hours to wash each load. First match was this review by some gadget freak. Then, this review by a repair man. The last for today, was this site with a long price list of different machines and other useful information.

Off for a beer with Lev, before the cinema hunt starts.

Perl meets Quake III

Ok. One week ago I was told that matches on our local Quake3 servers resumed. Rumor said that even TDM is played again. I haven’t been invited once for the whole week (suckers are afraid of me :)), which got me really pissed off. Perl Monks once again proved to be very helpful, so I’ve got myself a new perl script that sends me an SMS once someone joins the server. If you need one, you can use Quake3 Monitor as I did to construct something appropriate for your environment.

Three hours later I was warming up and then had a couple of nice FFAs. We even started TDM, but two out of total five people (freefrags) left the server in the middle of it. Still, we had lots of fun!