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First of all, “Matrix Reloaded” starts today in all local cinemas. Since enjoying the movie is a more important factor then time difference between watching it and the release date, probably I am not going to watch it today. I expect all cinemas to get crowded, and that spoils it for me. But I’ll pass by just to make sure my expectations are correct.

Today I’ve had a fastest perl scripting session ever – we’ve got a new termometer for the server room with a bit of an ugly web(!) interface, which we needed to adopt to our Nagios/MRTG environment. Together with a small fix to convert F degrees to C degrees, it took me around 5 and a half minutes to script the whole thing.

Educating myself a bit on the topic of washing machines. Our old machine is almost dead – it takes roughly 50 hours to wash each load. First match was this review by some gadget freak. Then, this review by a repair man. The last for today, was this site with a long price list of different machines and other useful information.

Off for a beer with Lev, before the cinema hunt starts.

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