Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

I’ve been playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for the last few days. It was originally designed to be an expansion pack for Wolfenstein, but than the plans were cancelled and the game was released to the world for free (as in beer). The best of part of it is that the software is multiplatform.

It is possible to download the installer from a number of places (here for example). Game manual is also something that you’d like to scroll through before playing the game.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is somewhat different from all the multiplayer games that I used to play before. Mobile objectives and rewards I haven’t seen before anywhere. Rewards add to the functionalities or abilties of the soldier (more ammo, more equipment, faster reloads, faster running, etc). Medals and ranks come as a visualisation of skills so to speak.

I’ve been having lots of fun on some European servers with as much as 30 people plaing the game (15 on each team). My favourite soldier class so far is Covert Ops, although I must admit I didn’t use the full functionality of it yet. Sniping is my favourite activity, although it’s not that easy to do with a 100+ ms ping.

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