10 Things I Learned About UX By Being Drunk


OK, this is pure gold.  First of all, this is probably the greatest title ever. “10 Things I Learned About UX By Being Drunk“.  Secondly, this post links to The User Is Drunk website, which is a brilliant idea and … a business, apparently.  Thirdly, it reiterates once again over the things that couldn’t be recommended strong enough:

  1. Don’t say too much
  2. Tell me who your site is for
  3. Solve the need, and tell me what it is
  4. Don’t copy paste
  5. Hide anything non-essential
  6. Make sure every link on your homepage works
  7. Not every site needs to be flashy
  8. Time on site is not the only metric
  9. Use web standards
  10. Stand out

Excellent stuff!

Grouped tags and categories

Just a quick update on something that I wanted to do for quite a while now – I’ve joined the display of tags and categories.  They are still separated in the back-end for me to manage the posts easier.  I just figured out that for site visitors there’s no practical difference, and thus using two user interface elements where one can do the job is not ideal.  The code snippet that helped me do that was borrowed (and slightly modified) from this Codex page.  The only two change that I did were:

  • Skip the General category (or All, as it’s labeled in this case), since all posts belong to it anyway.
  • Skip post format taxonomy (as those are already encoded with post styling – colors and titles).

I’ve also thrown a copyright into the footer and a small welcome box to the sidebar, but those are just cosmetics.