Counter Strike and wine

Today I’ve found a “Half-Life Platinum Edition” box getting dusted on one of the bookcase shelves. That pushed me to try Counter Strike over wine. I’ve got CVS wine configured and compiled in almost no time. Counter Strike even got itself installed. Then spent some time downloading all the patches and the maps and whatever. Finally, I got so bored with the damn thing that I put it back on the shelf for a better time and fired up The Ultimate Game Of All Times – Quake III.

Random bits

Lots and lots of PHP programming today. Mostly boring staff. Finding a formula for calculating the date/time for the Monday of the current week got me a bit puzzled, but that was mostly tiredness, then tough task. :)

In other news, albums in Photo section were changed to appear in chronologically reversed order. This way, there is no need for scrolling pages down for the recent staff.