MailWise – Email for Exchange & Hotmail

If you are one of those poor souls stuck with MS Exchange (like yours truly), here is one application you would absolutely love on your Android device – MailWise.  This app replaces your default email client with all the same functionality, except it makes those horribly long, backward-quoted emails and disclaimerified signatures much much shorter.  Like this:


It’s one of those things that you constantly try to learn to ignore, but which comes back to annoy you on a daily basis.  And now, it’s solved.  Awesome!

Domain name redemption fee

After years and years of working with domain names (buying, selling, configuring, etc), today was the first time that I needed to recover an expired domain name.  I thought I didn’t need it, but I was wrong.  I needed it, I needed to unlock it, and I needed to transfer it to another owner.

Not even seeing the domain in my GoDaddy account sent me directly to the knowledge base search.  Gladly, I wasn’t the only one with this problem, so a helpful article describing how to unlock an expired domain has been created previously.  When I tried the instructions, I found the domain alright, but I wasn’t allowed to unlock it.


Assuming that I need to renew the domain for at least a year, I tried that option.  Now came the big surprise – the redemption fee.  Can you guess how much it was?  Here’s a hint:

Redemption fee

64 EUR fee for a 9 EUR domain… WOW!  Given that all these processes are fully automated and don’t really require any manual labor or other extensive resources, I think that’s a bit too expensive.  About 60 EUR too much, I’d say.

Obviously, that’s not an option now.