Cryptic changelog messages

Being a developer myself, I’m of course also guilty of an occasional cryptic changelog message.  But this one, from the latest update of the SEO Ultimate WordPress plugin, puzzled quite a few people I showed it to:

Version (April 14, 2014)

  • Bugfix: Rich Snippet Creator’s “Place” search result type address fields appearance fix

What is that all about? How many nouns can you use one after another in a single sentence?

Six Ways to Make Your Production Logs More Useful

  1. Log structured data in a readable format
  2. Add a dash of color
  3. Logs let your app communicate with you and your team
  4. Seriously though, don’t put exception stack traces in your logs!
  5. Log URLs for easy access to more context
  6. Add emotional context to your logs

Most of these are somewhat expected, but I emotional context in logs was definitely new to me. I wonder why I’ve never even thought of this.