Cyprus under mosquito attack

Cyprus Updates reports that the island is under mosquito attack:

The recent flood of mosquitoes in Cyprus has alerted the local authorities. The sudden increase in temperature and atmospheric humidity has favoured the reproduction of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes apart from being a nuisance can also be carriers of dangerous diseases therefore the Health Services have already started spraying affected public areas. They are also recommending that people take measures to prevent mosquito bites and stop their rapid reproduction. These include repair of water reservoirs and drainage inlet covers, cleaning of waste bins, and introduction of net on windows.

On one hand, it’s nice to that authorities are on top of the situation and are actually doing something about it.  On the other, in the minds of local people, things like “they are also recommending that people take measures…” often sounds like “they are also recommending that people other than myself take measures…”.

Cyprus Hack Day

I got a message today via an almost non-existing mailing list of Cyprus LUG (Linux User Group) about the following event (please forgive my reformatting, translation, and interpretation):

Event: Cyprus Hack Day
Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
Time: 16:30
Location: University of Nicosia (used to be known as Nicosia campus of Intercollege)
Price: Free
Registration: Online, via Cyprus Computer Society website.

  • Presentation “Chaos in the cloud” by Dr Mike Chung, KPMG Netherlands
  • Presentation “The emperor has no clothes: Remote Access Trojans (RAT) – A Unique Danger” by Andreas Constantinides and Angelos Printezis, Odyssey Consultants Ltd.
  • Demonstration “Hack-Jutsu 101” by Demetris Papapetrou, Information security researcher.


Grand Opening of Dark Angels Club, Pafos

Yesterday I went to Pafos with a few friends to attend the Grand Opening of the Dark Angels motor club.

Even though it started a bit earlier than usual – about 3pm – it was still quite a party.  Live hard rock music, plenty of beer, friends, and awesome motorcycles and more.  In fact, there was so much fun that I went into my head banging mode and today almost every muscle of my body hurts – that was quite a workout with System of a down, Rammstein, Pantera, Deep Purple, and others.

My brother took a gadzillion of pictures which are now on Flickr.

The Way Back

The other day I watched “The Way Back” – a movie, allegedly inspired by real events, about a group of people who escaped a Soviet Gulag camp in Siberia back 1940s and walked their way to India.  I’ve heard nothing of this film until a friend recommended it – no trailer, no nothing.  When I read the brief plot description at IMDb, I got slightly worried that it would turn into one of those anti-Soviet propaganda movies.  My wife shared the worries and even decided not to watch the film with me.

She turned out to be right.  While there is plenty of breathtaking scenery shown in the film, and there is plenty of good acting, the propaganda makes it totally unwatchable.  The film basically pictures the Soviet Union as one huge prison, where the government is after every single person, be he innocent or not, old or young, male or female, Russian or not.  One doesn’t even have to know history to understand that that is a huge exaggeration.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because the film pictured Russians (or Soviets) in such a bad light.  It has nothing to do with whether they were Russians or not.  Even if they weren’t of my own nationality I’d be complaining.  I’m not even too sensitive to propaganda in the movies – Hollywood uses it all the time to praise the United States.  The problem is that in this movie, propaganda is the primary objective.  Everything else comes second.  And it’s really a pity.  Level down the propaganda and you’d have an excellent film on your hands.

As it is, I’d give it a 2 out of 5.  It’s difficult to watch and it leaves a dirty aftertaste.