MIS vs. Computer Science

When I was back in college, we used to make fun of MIS students. We, being the Computer Science students. We were better than them. For those of you, who can’t tell the difference, MIS (Management of Information Systems) is a business-oriented major, which barely touches computers and technology. Computer Science, on the other hand, is all about hardcore. There are business courses too, but they aren’t the “important” ones. This is how we used to have it back then – I don’t know if it’s still so.

Anyway, working busy over the last few years I completely forgot about that clear distinction. Today though, I got a reminder. I was browsing through one of those job directories, looking for someone to fill the web designer vacancy at our company, when I saw the profile of this guy… Take a look at the small part of his profile on the screenshot below.

MIS gratuate

Now, the “gratuate” I can understand. They use it only for about a year during their “gratuate programs” and stuff like that. But “compiouters”? That’s not a mere typo. That one is intentional. That… hold on… I think I understand it now…

Yes! Probably the only thing that guy knows about computers is that they do input/ouput (I/O, IO). So, he maybe thinks that they are called “compIOuters”…

If there is one thing we, Computer Science students are better at, that is have to be “computer” spelling. We’ve been doing it for years. Time after time. After time. Rarely we are allowed to use CS abbreviation instead. Because, you know, it can mean so many things.