The JavaScript Developer’s Reading List

The JavaScript Developer’s Reading List” is yet another hand-picked collection of books and resources for web developers in general and JavaScript programmers in particular. The selection is mostly focused around React and GraphQL, but there are plenty of more generic resources about JavaScript, software development, and Computer Science.

Vue.js — answering the Why, after 15 months

Harshal Patil shares his positive experience with the Vue.js JavaScript framework, after using it for just over a year in “Vue.js — answering the Why, after 15 months“.  As many before him, he focuses on the virtual DOM, optional but powerful build system, state management, single file components, performance, testability, and a few other benefits of this particular technology.

It’s good overall article for those who are still deciding which JavaScript framework to go with for their next project.

Replacing jQuery With Vue.js: No Build Step Necessary

Replacing jQuery With Vue.js: No Build Step Necessary” article looks at one of the ways to migrate from jQuery to Vue.js as in almost drop-in replacement.  It’s a nice starter guide for people who have been using jQuery for years and are now looking at more powerful and modern JavaScript frameworks.

Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison

Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison” is a very lengthy and detailed comparison of the top three most popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React and Vue.  There are also lots of links and references for further reading, but even if you don’t leave the article, chances are you’ll have a pretty good idea of which framework suits you best.  For me, it looks like it’s Vue.

And as a side note, this quote made me smile:

The dirty little secret is that most “modern JavaScript development” is nothing to do with actually building websites — it’s building packages that can be used by people who build libraries that can be used by people who build frameworks that people who write tutorials and teach courses can teach.I’m not sure anyone is actually building anything for actual users to interact with.

React vs Angular vs Ember vs Vue.js

Following the yesterday’s post on WordPress choosing the JavaScript framework, here comes a rather extensive review of React, Angular, Ember, and Vue.  This one looks at the four frameworks from different perspectives, provides feature lists, and has a tonne of links to external resources for more information.

Choosing a future JavaScript framework for WordPress

WordPress in general, and Matt Mullenweg in particular have been pushing for JavaScript for a while now.

So, it’s not surprising that WordPress developers are chatting about the JavaScript framework that they’ll use for the WordPress core JavaScript needs.

The discussion is far from finalized right now, so it’s particularly interesting to see how it develops, both in IRC/Slack chatrooms and in Make WordPress p2 comments.

So far, there are two primary contenders – React and Vue.  I have zero experience with either one (or pretty much with any JavaScript frameworks, trying to avoid JavaScript as much as I can), but I’m still interested in the reasoning that goes behind the choice, especially so, from the people who know so much in this domains.